2014 Best “Video” Hosting Ranking

  • Full 1080p HD, on every device, with no clutter and no ads
  • Up to 1,000GB per year
  • Personalized your presentation
  • put your logo on our video player
  • Reviews
  • Free Video Hosting, Word Number 1 Video Site
  • Not very professional as business video hosting
  • Video with ads and without Logo, Limited Video Length
  • Reviews
  • 25GB Storage Space, 200GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Free 2 GB of storage and 2 GB monthly bandwidth
  • Personalize Screencast.com Page with Colors and Logo
  • Reviews
    4Data Volume Based
  • NASDAQ company, 6,300 customers in over 70 countries
  • Extensions & Integrations, HTML5 Video
  • Server Time Inc, Puma, EA and more
  • Reviews
  • 25 videos and 50GB for basic plan
  • Tools to improve your site’s SEO
  • Track and Analyze second by second
  • Reviews


    The moment you decide to add a video to your website, video search engine optimization (SEO) should not be far behind in your mind, unless you don’t want anyone to watch your upload. But if your goal is to increase your webpage’s traffic organically, there are strategies that you need to employ when creating and labeling your video. Other than incorporating keywords to your title, tags, and content descriptions, you must find a reliable and convenient video host to moderate your media.

    Format Compatibility

    Because there are different kinds of software for video editing, the finished product can have a variety of formats such as Windows Media, QuickTime, and Flash. Pick a host that supports the format of your choice so that users will be able to watch your video in good quality and without problems. However, there are some hosting providers that have converting software to re-encode your files into various formats to display your content for whatever player an online user is utilizing.


    If you add video to webpage content, it is a great idea to select a host that has customizable video players. This will allow you to create a video player that matches your website, complete with a logo to establish your identity.


    Videos, especially long ones, are usually large files that consume a lot of bandwidth. There are some web video hosting sites that offer more bandwidth than others. Determine how many videos you’re planning to upload and how many visitors in average are visiting your site. Having enough bandwidth would prevent your videos from crashing or becoming inaccessible.

    Syndication Tools

    If you want to get found, the experts from best video hosting providers recommend syndication. Basically, syndication takes a single video and distributes it to several video channels. This increases the chance of your video to be discovered and watched by potential clients. You can read more about how to choose a video host at readwriteweb.com. Choosing a host provider that supports this is very important.